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Hydroponic Grow Box

The Silverback with cloning chamber | 4' wide x 6½' tall x 2' deep

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Our largest hydroponic grow box! 4' wide x 6½' tall x 2' deep


Flowering/Fruiting Chamber with Advanced LED Lighting

These are not the typical UFO lights. Our custom LED Lights feature 8 way (i.e. red/blue/IR/UV/white spectrums), 3 watt diodes, high penetration lenses, an aluminum chassis, the most robust power supplies, and double ball bearing cooling fans. All this adds up to quiet, reliable, and extremely effective light. Our custom LED lights are as effective as MH/HPS, but use 80% less power and produce 80% less heat! Learn more »

This feature is exclusive to Grow Box USA!

100% Odor Control Guaranteed with Our Patent-Pending Air Scrubbing System

100% Light Containment

Extremely Quiet & Energy Efficient

The grow box includes six whisper quiet exhaust fans, dual circulation fans, and costs less than $30 a month to run.

This feature is exclusive to Grow Box USA!

Fully Automated - Lights, Fans, CO2 System, Hydroponic System, and PH Controller

We are the only manufacturer to offer a fully automatic PH up and down adjusting system, allowing you to leave your grow box unattended for up to 14 days. Learn more »

Wireless Humidity/Temperature Monitor

Dual Circulation Fans

This feature is exclusive to Grow Box USA!

Plant Dryer/Curer

All our grow boxes make excellent odor proof dryers! When you harvest, simply remove your lights and reservoir. Then hang your plants from the light hooks. During the three to five day drying period, all odors will be removed -- so your house will never smell like curing plants!


T5HO Cloning Chamber Lighting with Cloning Tray, Humidity Dome, and Inserts

Increase your annual yield by growing clones at the same time your main crop is fruiting. This means nearly twice as many harvest every year and you are able to keep your plants genetics for life!

Potent and Easy-to-Use Hydroponic System

Double Layer Reflective Mylar

This feature is exclusive to Grow Box USA!

Water Cooler in Main Reservoir

The internal cooler keeps your water below 70°F, so your plants avoid rot and diseases caused by warm water. Plus, it keeps the oxygen level at optium so your plants grow at their maximum possible rate! Learn more »

This feature is exclusive to Grow Box USA!

Internal CO2 System

By using our CO2 system, your plants will grow up to 30% faster and produce heavier yields.

Real Outlets with GFI Protection

Wired for safety, equipment protection, ease of use, and a neat appearance. Learn more »

Three Point Door Lock with Keys

16 Gauge Welded Frame with 16 Gauge "Piano" Style Hinges

Instructional DVD

Exceptional Grow/Tech Support

Count on our team to provide you with superior after the sale support to ensure you get great results!

Parts Warranty

Five year warranty on the lights and box itself plus one year warranty on everything else.


Parts List

(3) Custom Designed, State-of-the-Art 90 Watt LED Grow Lights (8-Way, 3 Watt LED's; High Penetration Lensing)

9-Plant Main Hydroponic Reservoir with Float Valve

Zero Maintenance Water Cooler

(2) 24 Watt T5HO Cloning/Seedling Lights

(9) Netcups

(1) Bag of Hydroton

(24) Grow Plugs

Dual Output Air Pump

Airstone and Air Hose

Water Pump and Feed Line

Wireless Transmitter and Receiver

(2) AA Batteries

(2) AAA Batteries

TDS Meter

PH Kit

(2) Circulating fans and magnets

CO2/Circulating Hose with T-Fitting

(3) Dual Outlet Grounded Timers

(1) 15 Minute Timer (Use on Water Pump)

(6) lbs of Grow Box USA Activated Carbon

6' Grounded Power Cord

Backup Reservoir

Propagation Tray, (2) Inserts Humidity Dome and Instructions

CO2 Boost Bucket System

Reservoir Thermometer

Cloning Gel

FloraDuo A and FloraDuo B Nutrients (1 Quart Each)

Heat Mat

Instructional DVD and Warranty Info

2 Keys

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much space does my new cabinet need?

All ACtech cabinets need just two inches of space on all sides and 6" up top. Our cabinets can be placed in a very small area as long as the room is properly ventilated.

How much is shipping on this product?

Ship your grow box anywhere in the continental US for one low rate! For international orders, please email or call for a quote. Curbside delivery* (end of your driveway) is standard while inside delivery (inside your garage) is available for an additional $75.

Most orders ship within two to three business days by standard freight.

Standard shipping rates for grow boxes sent to the continental US:

The Silverback, Fullback, Classic, Desa, and Halfback Grow Boxes: $299 (Freight)
The Misty Hydroponic Grow Box: $140 (USPS)
The Misty Soil Grow Box: $125 (USPS)

International shipping available:
Austria $700*
Australia $1200*
Canada $850
Kuwait $850*
Norway $850*
Thailand $850*
UK $1000
US Virgin Islands $900
Other locations are available, please email for quote.

International pricing normally includes curbside delivery to your address. International customers may be responsible for any additional costs such as (but not limited to) duty, warehouse, and customs charges. A 600 Watt or greater power inverter is required in some countries as all cabinets are US standard 110v 50/60hz (We offer a 1500 watt power inverter with surge protection).

* Residential delivery is not available in all countries. Customer may need to pickup or arrange delivery from closest available freight station.

What temperature does the room have to be to use the grow box?

Our grow boxes are designed to operate with room temperatures as low as 63 degrees and as high as 80 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on model.

Your competition told me that your grow boxes allow mold to form under their mylar. What's the scoop?

This is absolutely false! No, mold does not form under our reflective mylar nor anywhere else in our grow boxes. We tape all our seams and every square inch of our mylar is glued into place. There is simply no way for moisture to work its way behind our mylar, even if you spill water directly in the cabinet. We just disassembled our first prototype, after 3 1/2 years of use there was absolutely no moisture or mold behind the mylar.

What can I expect for a yield from my new cabinet?

Your yield depends on what type of plant you are growing. A general rule of thumb is The Misty grow box can produce 1-2lbs of dried fruits/vegetables annually, The Classic grow box can easily produce 10lbs+ of usable plant matter annually, and The Fullback and Silverback grow boxes produce even more!

Why don't you offer a net trellis system with your grow boxes?

We recommend using the "Low Stress Training" technique instead of a net trellis. With Low Stress Training, you bend your plants into the corners and tie them down, this allows you to control where your plants grow. This technique allows you to use every square inch of your grow box, with a net trellis you have very limited control. A net trellis works great in a large room where you don't have the time to tend every plant individually, but in a grow box it is useless. Our competition uses net trellis as a sales gimmick, we are aware we may lose a sale or two because we don't offer a trellis, but we will not sacrifice performance just to make a buck.

How many plants can I grow in my grow box?

Our competitors claim you can grow up to 16 plants in their main chamber and up to 50 clones in their cloning chamber yet their box is smaller than our Fullback... this makes no sense. The fact is they are exaggerating just sell their product. At Grow Box USA, we never mislead and always pass factual information on to our customers.

The Silverback Grow Box: 7-9 plants, 24 clones
The Fullback Grow Box: 6-8 plants, 12 clones
The Classic Grow Box: 6-8 plants, 12 clones
The Desa Grow Box: 4-6 plants, 12 clones
The Halfback Grow Box: 7-9 plants
The Misty Grow Box: 2-4 plants

Do I need to use a power converter?

If you live in the USA or Canada, simply plug your grow box into any standard outlet. A power converter/regulator will be needed for international customers. For your convenience, we offer an extremely high quality power converter/voltage regulator at a great price. Simply select this option on the right when you order your grow box.

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Completely Turn-Key

Just add seeds and water! The grow box comes with everything you need for your first two grows including all nutrients, PPM meter, pH adjusting kit, instructional DVD, and more!

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Box Color:

  Ebony   Cream

Perform on par with a 1000 Watt MH/HPS system but with 80% less heat and energy!

Upgrade the main lighting from 270 Watt LED to 405 Watt LED ($225)

Get bigger yields.

Add 42 Watt T5 Side Lighting ($165)

Leave your box unattended for 14 days.

Add Auto pH System ($675)

Move your grow box with one finger!

Add Glide Frame ($165)

View your grow remotely.

Add Internal Camera ($199)

Add External Camera ($129)

Not needed in the US or Canada.

Add International Power Converter ($199)

$2,995 + $99 SHIPPING!


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