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The Misty Grow Box The Lacy Grow Box The Halfback Grow Box The Stanley Grow Box The Fullback Grow Box The Silverback Grow Box

Get a bigger yield. Purchase a grow box with a cloning chamber and one without. Check out our popular grow box combos. »

Most Popular Hydroponic Grow Cabinets

The Silverback Hydroponic Grow Box

The Silverback
Hydroponic Grow Box with Cloning Chamber

The Fullback Hydroponic Grow Box

The Fullback
Hydroponic Grow Box with Cloning Chamber

The Misty Hydroponic Grow Box

The Lacy
Hydroponic Grow Box



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Our high quality grow boxes are hand-made in Altoona, Wisconsin

FREE One-on-One Grow and Technical Support

Count on our team to provide you with superior after the sale support to ensure you get great results! We'll help you become a grow expert in no time. Learn more about Grow Box USA. »

You Need to Know…

With our hydroponic grow boxes, you can expect healthy plants, shortened grow times and big yields!

100% Odor Control Guaranteed

Our air scrubbers stop even the worst plant odors from escaping your box! Every Grow Box USA cabinet features our patent-pending air scrubbing system guaranteeing 100% odor control. No other manufacturer can match that! Learn more »

Guaranteed Results with LED Lighting

These are not typical UFO lights. Our custom LED lights are as effective as MH/HPS, but use 80% less power and produce 80% less heat! New for 2015 is our optional Duo-Drive series of switchable (veg or bloom) 11-way, 5 watt diode LED lights. These are absolutely the best LED grow lights money can buy! Plus, we guarantee results when using our custom LED lights or we will buy them back! Learn more »

Fully Automated pH Controller

We are the only manufacturer to offer a fully automatic pH up and down adjusting system, allowing you to leave the grow box unattended for up to 14 days. Learn more »

Water Cooler in the Main Reservoir

The internal cooler keeps your water below 70°F, so your plants avoid rot and diseases caused by warm water. Plus, it keeps the oxygen level at optimal so your plants grow at their maximum possible rate! Learn more »

FREE Grow and Technical Support

We'll help you become a grow expert in no time!

CO2 Included on Full Size Models

By using our included CO2 system, your plants will grow up to 30% faster and produce heavier yields.

100% Light Containment

We seal our cabinets so 100% of light is trapped within. Learn more »

Extremely Quiet & Energy Efficient

LED grow boxes cost only $10 - $30 a month to run.

Real Outlets with GFI Protection

Wired for safety, equipment protection, ease of use and a neat appearance. Learn more »