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DWC Propagation Kit, Level 5

DWC Propagation Kit, Level 5

This kit includes everything including lights and instructions!


In addition to the dome, tray, inserts and 24 Rapid Rooter Grow Plugs found in the Level 2 Kits, the Grow Box USA Level 5 Propagation Kit also includes:

  • High Quality Super Quiet Airpump
  • Two Airstones, Airline and T-fiittings: Send Oxygen directly to your roots!
  • Rootech Cloning Gel 7g, the finest money can buy!
  • Deluxe Heating Mat
  • pH Testing / Adjusting Kit
  • General Hydroponic Flora Duo A and B (one pint each)
  • Sunblaze T5HO Cloning Light with Vegetative Bulb
  • BONUS! Uncle Frankie's 12 Tips to Successful Cloning is included!

We experience a 95% success rate with our clones and you can too!

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