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Grow Box USA WiFi Controller System

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Grow Box USA WiFi Controller System Grow Box USA WiFi Controller System Graph your grow history including temp, humidity and CO2 levels!

Control and Monitor your grow from your computer, latop or smartphone!


This advanced system links up to your wireless router via our included wireless bridge. This allows complete control of your hydro sytem, water chiller, exhaust fans, main light, CO2 and much more; all  remotely. Other great features include monitoring of your CO2 ppm, light output, humidity, temperature, graphing grow history, high temperature shut off, email/text notifications and much more.

This system works perfectly in our Grow Boxes and Tents but also can control a complete room all from one unit.

Besides all the features we use in our boxes and tents, our WiFi Controller System also allows control of fuzzy logic CO2, Humidifiers/Dehumidifers, Recycle Timers or even your own custom devices. Includes 8 120 volt outlets - 6 fully programmable for a combination of devices. This system can also be used to control central a/c or heaters or any device with a remote thermostat connection.

Entire growth cycles can be programmed and saved on the included removable USB thumb drive. This allows you to run custom growth cycles with programmed settings for every device on a week by week basis. These programs can be saved and even shared with other growers.

Includes a one year warranty.

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