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LED Side Grow Light (3W LED Chip)

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4' in a tent using our custom aluminum hangers Two 4' Side Lights with our custom Tent Hangers Two, 2' LED's mounted in a Grow Box

Enjoy a wider grow band and larger harvests!


Grow Box USA's custom made 81 watt COB LED Side Lights are availabe in a 3ft lengh. 

  • US made CREE and Bridgelux 3w Diodes in Grow Box USA approved spectrums
  • Powerful, robust power supply
  • Aluminum chassis for cool running
  • 3 Year Warranty and 10+ year life expectancy
  • Energy Saving: Use 80% less power than traditional HPS or MH
  • High Efficiency: It targets the main active absorbing region of chlorophill a and b; 90% of light emitted can be used for plants photosynthesis. HPS or MH just 8-10% of light can be used.
  • Cool light source: Less Heat, wont burn your plants.
  • Plug and Play: No ballast or reflector needed.
  • Custom Aluminum Tent Hangers are optional.

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Aluminum Light Hangers for Grow Tent


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