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Jun 2018

Very very nice amazing great condition well put together

Jan 2018

Buying the Lacy has turned out great. Bought with the heating system and DuoDrive. Outdoor temps have been brutally cold this winter but the Lacy's heating system has easily kept internal temps… Read full review. »

Jan 2018

I love my misty. Got creative and hooked it into my HVAC system where the temp stays perfect. Had to make my own backup reservoir one it came with leaked. Box is out of sight can view video temp… Read full review. »

Napoleon LaJoy
Sep 2016

I had the privilege of being the first to purchase the Lacy and have had the box in operation for the last month. Due to space limitations on this page I can not post my full review of this really… Read full review. »

Aug 2016

Ive had a two by 4, 1200 watt system for almost a year. Ive had three good crops. It has paid for itself and kept me happy! The guys at GB are friendly and more than happy to help. I had a water… Read full review. »

A satisfied customer.
Jun 2016

I purchased the Misty back in February after months of research. I couldn't be more pleased with the box. Shipping was prompt and discrete. You can tell the box is made with a lot of care and… Read full review. »

Jun 2016

Great box, completely odor free. I grow in soil and and makes it so easy to run. Very discreet, I've had repair people in the house and they never knew what was in the corner. My grandchildren think… Read full review. »

Jun 2016

Quality. This box performs as advertised. It is literally whisper quiet, no louder than a tower PC! It keeps 99% of the odors within the box ( tested with some of the most offensive odors) The water… Read full review. »

Mar 2016

After a lot of thought and research, I purchased the Mr. Misty in 2015 and have been very pleased with both the product as well as the customer service. My grow box has successfully grown multiple… Read full review. »

Jan 2016

I purchased a Misty in October 2015. Added options included: pH controller/doser, CO2 bucket and pump, 180w dual drive led lighting and 5 gallon external back-up reservoir. I couldn't be more pleased… Read full review. »

Jan 2016

Wow! Being a novice grower, I got way better results than expected. I get a pound of fruit or more every 3 months or so. The science is there to make perfect plants.

Nov 2015

Sep 2015

Just wanted to reach out to you guys and thank you for such a awesome and well built Grow Box! After watching the instructional video of how things work, I had things up and running within hours. I… Read full review. »

Jun 2015

My silverback LED double chamber unit has exceeded all my expectations, growing from seed I have watched the grow box come alive! The led system keeps the temperatures cool, Don gave me the option of… Read full review. »

Apr 2015

Mike, Feel free to use Joe if you want. Here is my review: I have never grown indoors or hydroponically. It would have taken weeks or months of research to come up with all of the components that… Read full review. »

Mr. Bill
Feb 2015

Talked to Mike and he helped me out deciding on which box suited my needs. Receive the box and everything came in perfect condition due to the crating that they did.The instructions plus the DVD… Read full review. »

Mike P
Nov 2014

I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for a great product and outstanding after-sale customer service. I purchased the fullback system with dual 135 watt LEDs. The system was easy to setup… Read full review. »

Oct 2014

Great product, works exactly as described thanks guys!

Al T
Oct 2014

I purchased the Stanley 336 Pro. Primarily I had to have a system that will give me yield. I needed something that was stealth , primarily odor stealthiness. Stays cool. Ease of operation. Anything… Read full review. »

Sep 2014

After much thought and research I ordered a Fullback hydroponic box from GB USA. Unfortunately it arrived damaged from the shipper. I contacted Mike GB USA and he immediately begin to take steps to… Read full review. »

Apr 2014

I have used the Grow Box USA cloning dome and Rootech Cloning Gel for two batches of clones, both using artificial light. The first batch was done using the standard procedure and resulted in a 100%… Read full review. »

Apr 2014

First off I was like many people in that I thought a bespoke grow cabinet would be readily available. After much searching in the UK all I could find was either flimsy tents or cabinets that just… Read full review. »

Apr 2014

The only plug you should use!

Dec 2013

Amazing cab! As advertised the cab is silent, lightproof, smell proof, and solidly built. Plants love the 90W with no heat issues at all. Great for stealth grows.

Milton K. Moore
Nov 2013

Grew 1 monster, from seed to end of veg state, 14" @ 6 weeks, started flowering state, @ 5 weeks 26" VERY HEAVY YIELD anticipated. Plantzillas' root system blew out the sides of the plastic… Read full review. »