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What makes Grow Box USA Grow Boxes and Tents the most advanced and stealthiest on the market?

  1. We guarantee 100% Odor Control with our Patent Pending Air Scrubbers
  2. We offer the industries only two way, fully Automated PH Adjusting System
  3. We use the most advanced and effective LED Lighting available
  4. All Hydro Grow Boxes and smaller turn-key Grow Tents come with our Patented Water Cooler
  5. All light is blocked inside
  6. Nothing hangs off the back of any of our Grow Boxes
  7. Our Tents and Boxes are, by far, the quietest available
  8. Our cabinets are professionally hand wired with GFI Protection
  9. Welded Frames or Fully Welded (select models)
  10. CO2 included on all full size Hydroponic Grow Boxes
  11. Exclusive Grow Box USA Aeration System on all Hydro Models
  12. Free Tech and Grow Support for life!

Guaranteed 100% Odor Control

Grow Box USA offers the only guaranteed 100% odor controlled grow boxes and tents. Our patent-pending, whisper quiet air scrubbers actually work! The competition claims to offer 100% odor control, however referring back to years of reviews we all know that their air scrubbing systems do not work. It has taken two years of outside the box thinking and many revisions to develop our 100% effective air scrubbing system. For advanced testing we use Doe-in-Rut and experience 100% odor control. If our Patent Pending Air Scrubbers can handle our test grows and on top of it Doe-in-Rut, they can handle any odor thrown their way!

Air Scubbers

When comparing our grow tent odor scrubbers to the competition, we stand far ahead with our in-house designed and built odor scrubbing system. Featuring over 17 pounds of Grow Box USA activated carbon, this user refillable system guarantees 100% odor control for up to three years between refills!

Speaking of grow tents; at Grow Box USA we use the best hydroponic system, exhaust fans and HID light reflectors available. Take a look at the competitions weak fans, ineffective air scrubbers, cheap hydro systems and low budget HID light reflectors -- there really is no comparison!

Regarding Lights, Power Consumption and Overheating

At Grow Box USA, our grow cabinets and tents run 6-8 degrees Fahrenheit over your rooms temperature, not 15+ degrees like most other grow boxes on the market. We all know the competitions boxes run hot, very hot! Most people who purchase a grow box from our competition have to make major modifications just to get their grow cabinet within a useable temperature range. At Grow Box USA, we use state-of-the-art, high performance LED grow lights that consume very little electricity, produce heavy yields and have low heat levels. Our standard LED lighting consistently outperforms a 400 watt MH/HPS setup. Add our new Duo-Drive LED Light upgrade and you will have a lighting system that outperforms a 1000 watt MH/HPS setup all while using 80% less power and producing 80% less heat!

Stealthiest Design with Professional Wiring and GFI Protection

The outside of our Made in the USA Grow Boxes are very clean with nothing hanging off the back; this makes our cabinets extremely stealthy. Another benefit of this advanced design is it also allows your grow box to be placed tight up to a wall. This will not work with any of our competition as they all have wiring, ballasts, large carbon scrubbers and more hanging off the back. With nothing on the back of our cabinets, all light blocked inside and 100% odor control guaranteed, Grow Box USA without a doubt offers the stealthiest boxes on the market.

Another key difference is we professionally hand wire every one of our grow boxes with real outlets, switches and GFI protection, just like you have in your home. Most of the competition uses plastic power strips going through a hole in the back of their cabinets. Which would you rather have protecting your home and family… a cheap power strip or the professional GFI wiring found on every grow cabinet from Grow Box USA?

Here are a few pictures to compare:

Grow Box USA

"The Competition"

There is a reason you can't find pictures of the back of our competitions models, they don't want you to see them!

Truly Fully Automated Hydroponic Grow Boxes and Grow Tents

Grow Box USA offers the only truly automated hydroponic grow boxes and tents on the market. With any hydroponic system, you must adjust your pH daily when your plants are aggressively blooming. Our competition does not offer an automated pH adjusting system so when they claim to be fully automated it is just not true.

Our pH system automatically adjusts pH up and down, is completely programmable, is low maintenance and is very easy to use. With a Grow Box USA automatic pH system, you are able to leave your grow box or tent unattended for up to 14 days. If you go even a few days without manually adjusting the pH on the competition's models, you will have sick plants, poor yields or an outright dead crop.

Patented Water Cooler on all Hydroponic Grow Boxes

Grow Box USA includes our Patented Water Cooler on every turn key Hydroponic Grow Box! By keeping your main reservoir temperature low you greatly decrease your chances of root rot, wild ph swings, surface scum and more.

Everything included for your first two grows, just add seeds and water!

All turn-key hydroponic grow boxes and tents include everything you need for your first two grows. Included are high quality nutrients, test kits, meters, grow plugs, DVD instructions, CO2 (full size hydro boxes) and much, much more. Compare this to our competition which only includes cheap, bare bones supplies that run out in just a few weeks.

Lifetime Grow and Technical Support

When purchasing a Grow Box USA Grow Box or Tent you receive grow and tech support for life! You work directly with owners Mike and Donny, not like the inexperienced order takers you get on the phone with our competition. We have never had a tech or grow support problem that we couldn't solve; follow our instructions and we guarantee great results from day one when using a Grow Box USA Grow Box or Tent!

Please see our technologies section for more details on the Grow Box USA advantage. »

Don't just take our word for it...

We have received lots of great reviews, but this one sums it up nicely.

I did a lot of shopping before decided doing business with Grow Box USA. All the manufacturers of boxes have their claims. I found that Grow Box USA was the most credible!

I wanted a grow box that would work automatically and not need a lot of maintenance. My grow box has proved to be what Grow Box USA claimed. Mike (the owner) suggested that I add the auto pH system. I could not be happier with this addition. At first I checked everything daily and still did my pH runs. Now I have stopped, as I have proved to myself that everything works as claimed. Without the auto pH system, no other manufacturer can possibly claim to be turn key! I feel that if I would have to be away for 5 -10 days that my grow box would go unnoticed if I needed to ask a neighbor to take care of my dogs. I can lock the cabinet and not worry!

I chose the LEDs so heat and venting would not be an issue. I am very pleased with my plants progress. The claims are nice yields! I look forward to seeing if that claim is as true as all other claims that have proved out so far! Thanks, Mike, for answering all my questions on the phone (and I have had a lot)! This was a large investment for me and I did not want to do the wrong thing. I plan on buying the Silverback as an addition very soon.

Also, with Grow Box USA, my order was placed and my unit on it's way in 48 hours!

Ken from Michigan