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Grow Box Technology

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LED / T5HO Lighting

"Lighting is extremely important when it comes to the health and growth rate of your plants."

At Grow Box USA, we have spent thousands of hours on Research and Development on our in house LED lighting before coming up- with the perfect combination. We found the best performing lighting combo is a T5HO in the vegetative chamber and state-of-the-art, custom spec LEDs in the fruiting/flowering chamber. We're so confident you'll have outstanding results when using our LED Lights that we cover them with an industry exclusive money-back guarantee!
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We don't use your typical cheap, off the shelf LED lights. Grow Box USA's standard UFO style LED lights feature 9-way, US made CREE and Bridgelux 3 watt diodes, advanced deep penetration lenses, an aluminum chassis, the most powerful and robust power supplies along with double ball bearing cooling fans. All this adds up to a quiet, reliable, and extremely effective light. We have had great success with our UFOs, they will not disappoint!

Duo-Drive LED Lighting

We are proud to introduce the best LED Lighting money can buy! Grow Box USA's Duo-Drive LED series feature up to 12-way, US Made CREE and Bridgelux 5 watt diodes that are switchable between vegetative and blooming growth!

Now standard on all 5'x5' or larger tents and an option on all grow boxes and smaller tents, Duo-Drive LED Lights feature efficient and reliable 10-12 band, made in the USA CREE and Bridgelux 5 watt Diodes in Grow Box USA tested and approved spectrums (UV-A, UV-B, Infrared and more). Duo-Drive LEDs are also switchable between vegetative and blooming growth making these the most modern, up-to-date and best performing LED lights available!

Standard features include the highest quality double ball bearing thermostatically controlled fans, large aluminum heat sinks, 750mA Driving Current, isolated double chipped LED drivers and robust power supplies. Add in a three year head to toe warranty and you will find these are the most effective and reliable LEDs on the market!

Duo-Drive Switchable LED grow lights are available in six sizes:

LED w/Qty

Actual Draw / HID Equiv

Diode Config*


180 Watts (36x5w)

90w / 150w

10 Band

8.75" x 8.75" x 2.75"

240 Watts (48x5w)

135w / 200w

10 Band

17.25" x 7" x 3.25"

360 Watts (72x5w)

180w / 300w

11 Band

24.5" x 7" x 3.25"

480 Watts (96x5w)

250w / 425w

11 Band

32" x 7" x 4.25"

720 Watts (144x5w)

370w / 700w

11 Band

32.5 x 9.5" x 3.25"

1200 Watts (240x5w)

610w / 1100w

12 Band

32" x 14.5" x 3.25"

Choose our optional 28 watts of T5 or 42 watts of LED side lighting (also equipped with CREE and Bridgelux Diodes) for even bigger fruits and vegetables low on your plants! (Available on most full size boxes while 42 watt T5 or 84 watt LED side lighting is standard on most single chamber models.)


We know many of the old time growers swear by HPS/MH, and yes, they work very well. The biggest drawbacks to these old school lights are high bulb cost, extreme heat and high power consumption. The reason LEDs use less power and generate very little heat is they only produce light in the spectrum that plants can absorb; MH/HPS emit the full light range, much of which plants cannot use. LED lighting has come a long way over the last few years, most people that have had bad LED experiences have used cheap or older designs.

LED Grow Box Lights

After 18+ combined months of beta testing, we found the best propagation light available is the T5 HO fluorescent. All Grow Box USA propagation models come standard with a 24 watt, high output T5 light in the vegetative chamber (48 watts in Fullback and Silverback models). This light uses low amounts of energy, produces very little heat and stops plant stretch in its tracks! The result? You will have healthy clones, a strong root system, and a very high success rate!

Lighting Systems  •  Odor Control  •  Hydroponics  •  Environmental Control 


GFI Protection

"At Grow Box USA we want you to have the best growing experience possible; along with the safest."

To meet that goal we have gone with professional grounded outlets and complete GFI protection. If water is spilled on an outlet or if a piece of equipment has a short, our cabinets automatically trip the built in GFI protection circuit. Once the water is cleaned up or the piece of equipment replaced, simply press the button on the outlet to reset the electrical system! Compare this with our competition that uses a cheap power strip running through a hole in the back of their cabinets.

Also notice all Grow Box USA full size models have a dedicated, six plug timer outlet. The "pig tail" coming from this outlet is plugged directly into a single, 15 amp timer. This makes a very clean and safe timer setup as both LED Lights, your CO2 system; cross fan and optional side lighting go on the same timer. Compare this to our competitors cheap power strip and splitter setups, which would you prefer in your grow box?

All Our Grow Boxes come with GFI Protection

We also have a master on/off switch while we use a recessed plug and removable cord to supply power to our cabinets. This is a very reliable and clean setup that helps our cabs blend into nearly any room.

Lighting Containment

At Grow Box USA, we also build our cabinets to the highest quality. We caulk all cabinet seams. We seal our cabinets so 100% of light is trapped within. We line key areas such as doors and ceilings with 1" insulation to minimize noise. We also glue in place (and tape all seams!) high quality double layer reflective mylar throughout. All this makes our cabinets very quiet while also allowing your plants to enjoy a more consistent growing environment.

Humidity/Temperature Monitor

Our grow boxes and tents are designed to run 4 - 8 degrees over room temperature and come equipped with a humidity/temperature monitor standard.